Timber impregnating

High pressure impregnating

It is our belief that proper preservation of timber is a key to success. We provide timber impregnation services using modern processing equipment and technologies. We also offer consultations on chemical processing of timber and the importence of such processing. We ensure the quality of processing according to the customer's demands. High-pressure impregnation using Osmose Nature Wood
  • green
  • brown
We process various materials, such as
  • decking planks
  • facing boards
  • assembled fence panels
  • edges
  • fence pickets
  • construction planks,
  • etc.

Antiseptic processing

AST processing ensures the quality of your timber while storing or transporting, protecting it from blue fungi and mould infection. The processing is done using immersion baths. We can process lumber up to 7.2 metres long. We provide processing of various types of timber, such as packing timber ledges pickets fence planks construction timber and other