Customs brokers


SIA Jaunzeltiņi provides high quality costoms broker services. Owing to the benefits of the local customs clearance treatment we can complete any customs procedure within 1 hour. We provide consultations on customs issues in order to help you find the best solution.
  • Cargo expedition, declaring and customs clearance. Loacal customs treatment permit.
  • General customs warrants for IMPORT and TRANSIT procedures and deferred tax payments.
  • Warehousing of goods in the free economic area.
  • Consolidation of European cargo according to EX1 regulations for further export.
  • Storage of transit goods.
  • Processing of customs goods (transshipment, sorting, packing, marking, etc.).
  • Sales of goods from the warehouse in the free economic area with the option of customs clearance in parts.
  • Forwarding of goods to other destinations. Drafting and processing of accompanying documents for SEA, AUTOMOTIVE and RAILWAY shipments.